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How to spell QUINCH correctly?

If you meant to say "quinch" but realized it's not a correct word, there are a few possible suggestions. "Quench" might be what you intended, meaning to satisfy one's thirst or extinguish something. Alternatively, "quince" refers to a fruit resembling a pear. Double-check your spelling for greater accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell quinch correctly

  • bunch I bought a bunch of bananas at the grocery store today.
  • cinch Cooking the pasta is a cinch, it only takes ten minutes.
  • clinch The team was able to clinch the victory with a last-minute goal.
  • finch I saw a colorful finch chirping in the tree outside my window.
  • GRINCH He glared at the grinch for getting in his way, but the grinch just grinned back.
  • hunch
  • inch He measured the distance between the two points and found that it was exactly one inch.
  • lunch
  • munch
  • pinch She added a pinch of salt to the soup to enhance the flavor.
  • punch John was so angry that he wanted to punch the wall.
  • quench
  • quiche I love making quiche for brunch on the weekend.
  • quin
  • quince She picked up a quince from the tree.
  • quincy
  • quine While quine was shorter than the language of quine, it had more parentheses.
  • Quinn My daughter's new friend, Quinn, is always up for a adventure.
  • quinsy I caught a cold and my nose is running - quinsy is setting in!
  • quint The movie star's massive mansion had five quint bathrooms.
  • winch I used the winch to haul the anchor up.

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