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How to spell QUIREY correctly?

If you've misspelled "quirey", don't worry! The correct spelling is "query". A simple mix-up that often occurs, the correct form suggests a question or inquiry. So, next time you're typing, remember to double-check your spelling and ensure your "quirey" becomes a proper "query."

List of suggestions on how to spell quirey correctly

  • quarry In the quarry, the workers break rocks to extract the gravel.
  • query
  • quiet She always prefers a quiet environment while studying.
  • quine I am going to quine with you.
  • quire I need to buy a quire of paper to print my report.
  • quires The clerk asked for your quires.
  • quirk
  • quirky She has a quirky sense of humor that always manages to make me laugh.
  • quirt I whip out my trusty quirt to put an end to the argument.
  • quite I am quite excited for my vacation next week.
  • quivery My stomach is quivery after eating that spicy food.
  • squire I am the squire for the jousting tournament.
  • urey

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