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How to spell QUITEEINGS correctly?

The correct spelling for "quiteeings" may be "quietings" or "quittings". "Quietings" refers to acts of calming or soothing, while "quittings" means leaving or resigning. Properly using these words in context can prevent confusion and enhance communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell quiteeings correctly

  • Aquitaine Aquitaine is a region located in the southwest of France, known for its beautiful coastline and vineyards.
  • footings He hired a construction crew to pour the concrete footings for the new house.
  • footlings The mother bird meticulously tended to her little footlings, protecting them from any potential harm.
  • Guineans Guineans are known for their vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and love for music and dance.
  • mutterings I could hear low mutterings coming from the crowd as the speaker took the stage.
  • quatrains I am studying Shakespeare's sonnets, which are composed of fourteen lines divided into three quatrains and a couplet.
  • quietening I turned on some soft music, hoping it would have a quietening effect on my anxious mind.
  • quietens The sound of rainfall quietly quietens my racing thoughts.
  • quieting The sound of the waves crashing against the shore had a quieting effect on my mind, easing the stress and calming my thoughts.
  • quislings During the war, those who were labeled as quislings faced severe punishment for collaborating with the enemy.
  • quittance He received a quittance from the creditor to confirm that his debt had been fully paid.
  • quitting After years of unhappiness, she finally decided to take the brave step of quitting her job and pursuing her passion.
  • quivering Her voice was quivering with fear as she recounted the terrifying ordeal.
  • whitenings I am considering trying different whitenings to enhance the brightness of my smile.

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