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How to spell QUITERS correctly?

The correct spelling for "quiters" is "quitters". Suggestions to avoid this misspelling include memorizing the correct spelling, using spell check, and double-checking written material before submission.

List of suggestions on how to spell quiters correctly

  • cutters In the kitchen, there are several cutters that are perfect for slicing meats.
  • gaiters I always wear gaiters when I go fishing.
  • Goiters Eddie is always seeking out nutrient-rich foods in order to alleviate his goiters.
  • guitars I have three guitars in my collection, each with their own unique sound.
  • gutters He was smart enough to clean his gutters, but the mess still remained.
  • quarters I need to collect four quarters to use the vending machine.
  • queers The queers in the back row will have to stand up.
  • quietens Silence tends to quietens minds.
  • Quieter The smaller room was much quieter than the larger one.
  • quiets She quiets her mind before meditating.
  • quilters The quilters in the guild meet every week to work on their latest projects.
  • quires The bookstore ordered several quires of blank paper for their stationery section.
  • quite The movie was quite interesting.
  • quits After years of arguing, the couple finally decided to call it quits and get a divorce.
  • quitter He is a quitter who gives up on every task even before trying.
  • quitters Some people are quitters and they never seem to accomplish anything.
  • quivers
  • quotes He carefully selected quotes from the famous book to include in his presentation.
  • requiters Reporters are requiters, always asking for more information.

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