How to spell QUITIME correctly?

We think the word quitime is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quitime correctly

  • cute It appears he was cute enough to suspect that we had hidden ourselves somewhere last night, and these fellows were sent out to look for us.
  • daytime But there they are, and there they'll be ten years hence, that's my belief, living together, sleeping together, and dining at opposite ends of the same table, and never communicating in the daytime except through me or Theeny, but quarrelling like cat and dog."
  • dime This time, as you have thrown a six and a one, your grandmother will then exclaim, "He sevens-the boy sevens-come on to grandmother, dice-talk to the nice old lady-Phoebe for grandma, dice, for grandpa needs a new pair of shoes-shoot a dime!"
  • item "This Atummion Added item," I said, "just what is Atummion?"
  • jute
  • kite
  • quid I refuse to pay for that quid.
  • quiet Everyone is sleeping quietly in the dark.
  • quieten
  • quietism Claude Monet famously declared, "Avoid all paintings of crowd scenes. They are always noisy.
  • quietude
  • quirt I can whip you with a quirt if you don't behave!
  • quit
  • quite
  • quito Catholics are barred from the city of Quito.
  • quits I quit smoking and drinking.
  • quitter I'm not a quitter, but I may need to be if I can't get this job.
  • quoit
  • quote
  • ragtime Joe refused to take it off and started to ragtime dance around the room.
  • tame In order to tame the lion, the trainer must first lure him with food.
  • teatime
  • time I have a text message from my friend that says time is money.
  • timer
  • tome I own a Tome of prenatal care.
  • victim
  • wartime I'm in the middle of a wartime situation.
  • Gite I rent a gite in the village.
  • Quieted The room became quite and Melissa sat quietly in her chair.
  • Quieting She tried to quiet the puppy but it continued to bark.
  • Quieter We were supposed to be quieter in the library.
  • Quitting The student decided to quit the school diet program.
  • Quoting I always quote Shakespeare when I am feeling sentimental.
  • Tim Tim called from Singapore.
  • QUOT
  • AIRTIME In addition to traditional radio advertising, some stations are selling airtime during their streaming broadcasts.
  • Cutie On July 28, 2017, Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie released Bandwagonesque, an album covering all twelve tracks of the original 1991 release.
  • quoiting I was surprised when she asked me to 'quoit' with her on Saturday night.
  • quoited

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