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How to spell QUITLING correctly?

If you are searching for the correct spelling of "quitling", it's likely you mean "quibbling". This term refers to a pointless or petty argument. When engaging in a discussion, it's important to focus on the main points rather than resorting to quibbling, as it hinders productive communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell quitling correctly

  • hurtling
  • quailing The soldier showed no signs of quailing in the face of danger.
  • quelling He spent the afternoon quelling the rebellion among his troops.
  • quibbling He was trying to score a point and was quibbling over a detail.
  • Quieting The sound of the rain was quieting, and soon I was sound asleep.
  • quilting I love to spend my weekends quilting and making beautiful blankets.
  • quisling He was labeled a quisling for his collaboration with the enemy.
  • Quitting Quitting smoking can be a challenging endeavor but it's worth it for your health.
  • quoiting
  • Quoting "You cannot judge a book by its cover," quoting Thomas Jefferson.
  • Titling The titling of this movie is "The Disaster Artist.

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