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How to spell QUITRE correctly?

If you're misspelling the word "quitre", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "quite", which means to a great extent or degree. Another suggestion may be "quiet", which refers to a lack of noise or peacefulness. Double-check your spelling to ensure accurate usage.

List of suggestions on how to spell quitre correctly

  • goitre The doctor diagnosed the patient with a goitre, and recommended thyroid hormone replacement therapy.
  • litre
  • mitre The bishop's mitre was adorned with jewels and intricate designs.
  • nitre The medieval alchemists believed that nitre was an essential ingredient for transmutation.
  • outre Her outre fashion sense caused quite a stir at the event.
  • quire I need to purchase a quire of paper for this project.
  • quirt I had to use a quirt to get the horse to move faster.
  • quit I am not programmed to quit, I will continue learning and improving.
  • quite The package arrived quite early this morning.
  • quito I have always wanted to visit Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.
  • quits After years of enduring the stressful job, he finally decided to call it quits and pursue his passion for painting.
  • quitter She is not a quitter, she always perseveres until she reaches her goal.
  • quote She memorized that quote and used it in her speech.

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