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How to spell QUIXASIM correctly?

If you are trying to type "quixasim" but need the correct spelling, here are some suggestions. Perhaps you meant "quixotic", meaning idealistic or unrealistic. Another possibility is "quixotism", referencing the ideology of a quixotic individual. Lastly, "quicksand" might be an option if you are referring to the sinking sand. Double-check and choose the correct term!

List of suggestions on how to spell quixasim correctly

  • quasi He had a quasi-experimental design for his research study.
  • quietism Quietism teaches that man's welfare consists in "resting within the divine quietude" rather than engaging in worldly affairs.
  • quixotic He embarked on a quixotic quest to climb Mount Everest without any prior mountaineering experience.
  • Quixotism Don Quixote's quixotism led him to embark on misguided adventures in pursuit of his chivalrous ideals.

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