How to spell QUORE correctly?

We think the word quore is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quore correctly

  • bore The lecture was so dull that it made me want to bore a hole in my head.
  • care I take great care in ensuring that my work is accurate and of high quality.
  • cora
  • core The core of the argument was that both parties were at fault.
  • corer She used a corer to remove the seeds from the apples before making a pie.
  • Corey Corey was excited to start his new job on Monday.
  • CORR Let's go out for a CORR tonight.
  • Cory Cory loves to play video games in his free time.
  • cure
  • Curer
  • curie Marie Curie's discovery of radiation made her a pioneer in the field.
  • fore He struck the golf ball with the cry of " Fore!" to warn nearby players.
  • Gere I saw Gere in the store.
  • gore There was so much gore in the horror movie that I had to cover my eyes.
  • gory The horror movie was full of gory scenes that made me feel sick.
  • guru My yoga guru taught me the correct way to perform a headstand.
  • juror The juror was impartial and fair.
  • jury The jury found him guilty of embezzlement.
  • korea Korea is known for its unique food culture and stunning landscapes.
  • Kory Kory just received a promotion at work, which was well-deserved.
  • lore The lore of the abominable snowman is one of mystery.
  • lucre The treasure hunters were hoping to find any lucre at all.
  • lure The fisherman used a colorful lure to attract a big catch.
  • more John doesn't have any more money.
  • ore The ore cart had been left blocking the path.
  • pore I use a gentle cleanser to help unclog my pores and improve my complexion.
  • pure Pure hypocrisy.
  • QR A QR code is a type of barcode used to create an image that can be scanned by a smartphone.
  • quarry The workers used dynamite to blast the rocks in the quarry.
  • Que "¿ Que quieres decir?" translates to "What do you mean?" in English.
  • queerer I've never met anyone queerer than my cousin.
  • query Please enter your query in the input field below.
  • queue "You need to join the queue if you want to purchase tickets for the event.
  • quire I need to buy another quire of paper for my printer.
  • quires Please provide me with the relevant quires.
  • quorum The quorum for this meeting is 50% of the members.
  • QUOT She quoted from Shakespeare in her speech.
  • quote I am quoting a source in my paper.
  • score With only two minutes left in the game, the score was already 10-0 in their favor.
  • sore After the long run, my legs were sore for days.
  • square A cube is a three-dimensional shape with six square faces.
  • squire I am the squire to Sir John.
  • sucre Je voudrais acheter du sucre pour faire une tarte aux pommes.
  • sure She sure knows how to pick a husband.
  • tore I accidentally tore my shirt on a nail in the fence.
  • Wore I wore my new shoes to the movie.
  • yore The dinosaurs were yore.
  • you're You're not getting married.

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