How to spell QUORM correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "quorm", it's vital to offer accurate corrections to ensure clear communication. Possible correct suggestions include "quorum" (a minimum number required for a meeting), "quorn" (a brand of meat substitutes) or "quorum" (a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism). Properly addressing the intended word enhances accuracy in written interactions.

List of suggestions on how to spell quorm correctly

  • corm The corm of the taro plant is a popular ingredient in Polynesian cuisine.
  • dorm I am excited to move into my new dorm and meet all of my roommates.
  • form
  • norm
  • QOM
  • qualm
  • quorum A quorum of at least five members is required to conduct a council meeting.
  • QUOT
  • squirm The children began to squirm in their seats as the teacher continued to lecture.
  • worm The boy found a slimy worm in his garden.

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