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How to spell RABIIT correctly?

The correct spelling for "rabiit" is rabbit. It's a common mistake to misspell the word, but there are a few ways to help remember the correct spelling. One suggestion is to relate the word to the phrase "cute as a bunny rabbit". Another is to remember that the word rabbit has two b's.

List of suggestions on how to spell rabiit correctly

  • habit It takes 21 days to form a new habit.
  • rabat I got a great discount from a shop in Rabat.
  • rabbet The woodworker used a rabbet joint to connect the two pieces of wood.
  • rabbi The rabbi gave a moving sermon that captivated the congregation.
  • rabbit I saw a cute little rabbit hopping around in the field.
  • rabbits There are many rabbits living in the meadow behind my house.
  • rabid The animal shelter had to put down a rabid dog in order to protect the other animals and staff.
  • Radii The radii of the two circles are different, but their diameters are equal.

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