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How to spell RADAL correctly?

If you intended to spell "radal", it is likely a misspelling. Here are some possible correct suggestions: "radial", referring to something arranged around a central point; "rascal", meaning a mischievous or cunning person; "rattle", a verb describing a rapid shaking sound; or "radar", a system for detecting objects and determining their position.

List of suggestions on how to spell radal correctly

  • bradawl Charles Bradawl found an apple core on the sidewalk.
  • bridal The bride wore a beautiful bridal gown on her wedding day.
  • caudal The caudal fin of the fish is diagnostic.
  • gradual It was a gradual process that led to her betrayal.
  • racial The organization is committed to creating a world without racial discrimination.
  • rad He thought his new skateboard was rad.
  • radar The airplane was equipped with a powerful radar system to detect approaching storms.
  • radars The military installed radars to enhance their surveillance capabilities along the coastline.
  • radial The radial arm on the MRI machine takes x-rays of the body.
  • radials The car's tires had new radials installed for better traction on the road.
  • radical The activist believed that radical changes were necessary to achieve social justice.
  • Radii I have several radii of influence.
  • radio My favorite radio station is the oldies station.
  • RADS
  • Rafael My favorite artist is Rafael.
  • rail The rail served as the perfect platform for Janet to swing on.
  • Randal Randal had always been a bit of a troublemaker.
  • Randall Randall was an exciting new restaurant in town.
  • Raoul During the coronation of Raoul as France's new monarch, the entire country erupted in celebration.
  • Raul I know Raul from the hospital.
  • RDA
  • real
  • redial I had to redial her number a few times before she finally picked up.
  • rial The rial is the official currency in Iran.

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