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How to spell RADES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "rades" instead of "grades", don't worry! Automatic spellcheck may not always catch such errors. Here are a few suggestions to rectify the misspelling: "grades", "reads", "races" or "roads". Always double-check your spellings to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell rades correctly

  • fades As the sun sets, the light fades and darkness takes over.
  • grades I got grades in my homework.
  • hades
  • jades The sun jades the paint on the car.
  • lades She lades the heavy bags of groceries into the trunk of her car.
  • Races The marathon attracts runners from various races and backgrounds.
  • radars The air traffic controllers were able to monitor incoming planes on their radars.
  • radios My grandfather still uses an old-fashioned AM/FM radios to listen to his favorite talk shows.
  • radius
  • RADS The radiation assessment and detection system is one of RADS's top priorities.
  • Rages The fire rages on, spreading quickly through the forest.
  • raiders The raiders were vicious and extremely violent.
  • raids He never goes on raids anymore.
  • rakes The sun was setting behind the rakes in the garden.
  • Rapes I refuse to watch any movie that trivializes or normalizes rapes.
  • RARES I collect rares from all over the world, and have some very valuable pieces in my collection.
  • rates The interest rates on my savings account have increased.
  • Rats They make great pets, but be sure to keep their population under control - rats can spread disease!
  • RAVES She raves about her favorite band whenever she gets the chance.
  • razes The hurricane razes the entire town leaving nothing but destruction behind.
  • readers Readers can immerse themselves in a good book and forget about their surroundings.
  • readies She readies herself for the big presentation by practicing in front of the mirror.
  • reads
  • redoes He redoes his homework until he gets the perfect score.
  • REDS I love wearing reds to make a bold statement.
  • rhodes
  • riders The riders were heading home.
  • rides
  • rids The new vacuum completely rids my carpet of pet hair.
  • rites Our family's ancient rites are a source of comfort.
  • roads
  • rodeos Every year my family attends the local rodeos.
  • rods She fished for rods in the water.
  • trades He often trades his old clothes for new ones with his friends.
  • wades The dog wades through the shallow water to retrieve the stick.

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