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How to spell RAFFELING correctly?

If you meant to spell "raffeling" but it's actually incorrect, there are a few possible suggestions. You could have meant "raffling", which refers to a lottery-style game. Alternatively, it could be a typo for "rattling" or "ruffling", both indicating a disturbance or agitation. Double-check your intended usage and correct accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell raffeling correctly

  • baffling The baffling mystery left the detectives scratching their heads.
  • Raffling The school is raffling off a new laptop to raise money for the charity.
  • raveling I had to stop knitting because the yarn was raveling.
  • refueling The airplane was forced to land for refueling before continuing its long journey.
  • riffling I was riffling through the pages of my history book when I found a folded sheet of paper.
  • Ruffling Bob was ruffling everyone's feathers with his aggressive behavior.
  • waffling She's always waffling on about how busy she is.

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