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How to spell RAGEN correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled the word "ragen", here are a few possible correct suggestions: "raven", "range", "wagon", "raging" or "regain". Double-check the intended meaning and context to choose the most appropriate option. Remember to proofread your writing to catch any other errors before finalizing it.

List of suggestions on how to spell ragen correctly

  • dragon The dragon breathed fire and scared everyone around him.
  • gen The gen for eye color is determined by a person's genes.
  • karen Karen was adamant that her order was incorrect, insisting that she be given a refund.
  • rag She used a rag to clean up the spilled juice on the kitchen counter.
  • RAGA The classical Indian music piece was played in raga mode.
  • rage He tried to control his rage when he saw his car had been scratched.
  • Raged The storm raged all night, keeping us awake with its howling winds and pounding rain.
  • Rages
  • ragga Ragga music originated in Jamaica in the late 1980s.
  • ragged
  • raging The fire was raging out of control, spreading quickly through the dry grass.
  • raglan The raglan sleeve style is a popular design in athletic apparel.
  • rags He tore his shirt to rags in the woods while hiking.
  • rain
  • rake I need to rake the leaves in the yard before they pile up.
  • Ran
  • ranee The ranee welcomed the guests with a gracious smile.
  • range The range of the mountain chain was visible from miles away.
  • ranger The ranger patrolled the forest to ensure the safety of hikers and prevent illegal activities.
  • raven The raven cawed mournfully outside my window.
  • reagan
  • reagent
  • regent
  • Roger Roger was ecstatic when he finally received the long-awaited job offer.

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