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How to spell RAITE correctly?

"Raite" may be a misspelling of "right" or "write". Depending on the context, possible correct suggestions could be: "Are you trying to say 'right'?" or "Did you mean to write 'write'?"

List of suggestions on how to spell raite correctly

  • ate I ate sushi for lunch yesterday.
  • crate I need to buy a crate to help transport these fragile items.
  • grate
  • irate
  • orate As a politician, he knew how to orate convincingly and capture the attention of his audience.
  • prate
  • radiate
  • Rae Renowned playwright and author, Rae Carson, passed away last week.
  • raft We built a raft and went rafting down the river.
  • rafter The carpenter replaced the old rotted rafter with a new one to ensure the roof's stability.
  • raid
  • Raided
  • raider The raider plundered the village and looted all its riches.
  • Railed He railed against the injustice of the new policies.
  • Rained It rained all day yesterday, making the streets and sidewalks slick and slippery.
  • raise In order to raise money, the group will hold a bake sale.
  • raised
  • ramie My mother likes to wear dresses made of ramie because they're lightweight and breathable.
  • rant I can't believe that guy would walk in on me in the middle of a rant!
  • ranter The meeting devolved into chaos when a ranter began shouting and making wild accusations.
  • rapt She was rapt in front of the painting.
  • rarity The stamp's rarity made it highly sought after by collectors.
  • raster The image was saved as a raster file format.
  • rat A rat scurried across the kitchen floor.
  • rate The inflation rate in the country has increased by 2.5%.
  • Rated
  • Rater The rater is critical in assessing a product's quality.
  • rates The interest rates on bank loans vary depending on your credit score.
  • Rats Rats scurried out of the dumpster.
  • Ratted I ratted out my little brother for eating all the cookies.
  • ratter
  • rattle The sudden loud noise made me jump out of my seat as the plates began to rattle.
  • ratty My sister's room is a total ratty mess.
  • recite
  • reit I am looking for a REIT to invest in.
  • ride I will be your personal ride to the party.
  • Rita I don't know what I would do without my Rita.
  • rite The ancient rite of passage was a sacred ceremony for the tribe.
  • rites We ought to perform some rites in honor of the deceased.
  • ritz The hotel we stayed at during our vacation was pure ritz with its luxurious amenities and impeccable service.
  • rote The students were bored with the rote memorization of multiplication tables.
  • route I need to plan my route before we leave.
  • RTE I caught an RTE bus to the city.
  • trait My personality is characterized by a trait of being easygoing.
  • trite Despite being a college graduate, Alice remains a bit of a Trite.
  • Waite
  • write

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