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How to spell RALATED correctly?

The correct spelling of "ralated" is actually "related". Sometimes typos happen, but the best way to avoid them is to proofread your writing before submitting or publishing it. Other correct suggestions for "ralated" could include "associated", "connected" or "correlated", depending on the context of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell ralated correctly

  • belated
  • dilated The doctor noticed that the patient's pupils were dilated due to the medication.
  • elated I was elated when I received the acceptance letter from my dream university.
  • halted
  • malted I had to shoot the squirrel because it was mashing the malted barley.
  • Plated The meal was served on a beautiful plated dish.
  • Radiated The heat radiated from the fireplace kept us warm during the cold winter night.
  • Rafted John and his friends rafted down the river until they reached the waterfall.
  • Rallied The team rallied together to come back from a six-point deficit and win the game.
  • Ranted The man ranted about the government for hours.
  • Rated
  • Ratted I knew my best friend ratted me out to our teacher because she knew the answer and I didn't.
  • rebated The store rebated 10% of the total purchase price back to the customer.
  • relate It is important to relate to others in order to form meaningful relationships.
  • related The teacher said that the related chapters in the book are important to read.
  • Relater
  • relates My question relates to the new policy changes.
  • relayed I relayed the message to my manager about the changes in the project.
  • rotated The earth is rotated on its axis.
  • salted
  • Saluted The soldier saluted his commanding officer as he passed by.
  • Slated
  • valeted I was very pleased that the hotel room was valeted for my arrival.
  • valuated The company's assets were valuated at a price much higher than expected.

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