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How to spell RAMPET correctly?

The correct spelling for "rampet" could be "rampant", which suggests something is wild or out of control. Other possible suggestions include "ramble", "rampart" or "ramp-up". The correct spelling will depend on the context in which the misspelling appears.

List of suggestions on how to spell rampet correctly

  • Camped We camped near the lake for the entire weekend.
  • cramped The apartment was so cramped that it was difficult to even move around.
  • crumpet
  • Damped The sound was damped by the thick curtains hanging on the walls.
  • limpet The limpet clung tightly to the rock, resisting the force of the waves crashing against it.
  • ramjet The military experimental aircraft was equipped with a high-speed ramjet engine.
  • Rammed The car rammed into the side of the building, causing a loud crash.
  • ramp The wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the building made it accessible for people with disabilities.
  • rampant The spread of the virus is rampant in densely populated areas.
  • rampart The soldiers formed a rampart with their shields to defend against the enemy's attack.
  • Ramps The skateboarders could be seen doing flips and tricks on the ramps at the skatepark.
  • raped It is unacceptable and heartbreaking that many women are still being raped and sexually assaulted around the world.
  • Rapped The musician rapped his verses effortlessly, impressing the audience with his skillful rhymes.
  • rapt The audience was rapt as the magician performed his final trick.
  • Rasped The old man's voice rasped as he croaked out his final words.
  • Romped
  • romper She loves to wear a romper when it's hot outside.
  • Tamped He tamped down the soil with the back of the shovel.
  • Tramped He tramped through the muddy field to reach the other side.
  • trumpet He played the trumpet beautifully at the concert.
  • Vamped She vamped her way down the runway in her glamorous 1920s attire.

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