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How to spell RAMPLED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "rampled" instead of "trampled", don't worry! Auto-correct can get the best of us. The correct spelling is "trampled", meaning to forcefully tread upon or crush. So, next time you want to express that image, make sure to double-check your spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell rampled correctly

  • crumpled She crumpled the piece of paper and threw it in the trash can.
  • dimpled She smiled and her dimpled cheeks showed through her face mask.
  • pimpled The pimpled teenager felt self-conscious about her acne.
  • Rambled I rambled on about my trip to Europe for hours.
  • rampaged The hurricane rampaged through the coastal town, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.
  • rippled
  • Romped The children romped around the playground, enjoying the warm afternoon sun.
  • rumbled As the storm approached, thunder rumbled in the distance.
  • rumple I rumple your blouse when I hug you.
  • rumpled She had a rumpled shirt and she had rumpled hair.
  • rumples She rumples her bed sheets every morning when she wakes up.
  • sampled We sampled the wine and tasted it.
  • trampled I trampled on some flowers,and now they're ruined.
  • Wimpled The elderly nun wore a wimpled headdress in ivory, which draped over her shoulders and concealed her hair.

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