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How to spell RANKD correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "rankd" could be "ranked", "ranker" or "ranking". These options are more commonly used and may accurately convey the intended meaning in the context of the text.

List of suggestions on how to spell rankd correctly

  • Cranked I cranked up the volume on my stereo to drown out the noise outside.
  • Franked I always knew the letter was important when it arrived franked with the official seal.
  • Racked After a long day of hiking, I was absolutely racked with exhaustion.
  • Rained It rained heavily last night, and the streets are flooded this morning.
  • Raked He raked the leaves to clear the yard.
  • rand
  • Randi I met Randi at a coffee shop yesterday.
  • randy Randy was flirting with everyone at the party last night.
  • Rang She rang the bell to signal that class was over.
  • Ranged The archer's arrows ranged far and wide, hitting every target with precision.
  • rank The sergeant's rank in the military was a testament to his years of service and dedication.
  • ranked The university is ranked among the top 100 colleges in the country.
  • ranker As a new member of the military, I started out as a low ranker and worked my way up through the years.
  • Rankled The unfair treatment by the management rankled the employees.
  • ranks There are many different ranks in the military, each with their own responsibilities and duties.
  • rant My friend decided to rant about the bad service he received at the restaurant.
  • rend The powerful gust of wind began to rend the flag into shreds.
  • rind I love the sharp, tangy taste of orange rind in my morning tea.
  • rink The hockey players glided across the ice rink.

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