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How to spell RANKE correctly?

If you mistyped "ranke", here are some possible correct suggestions: "rake", referring to a garden tool; "rankle", meaning to cause annoyance or resentment; "range", as in a variety or scope of something; or "ranch", denoting a farm or large estate. Double-check the context to choose the most appropriate alternative.

List of suggestions on how to spell ranke correctly

  • rake He used the rake to gather the fallen leaves.
  • ranee The ranee of the palace announced her royal decree to the people.
  • Rang
  • range The new smartphone has a wider range of features than its predecessor.
  • ranger The ranger led us deep into the forest.
  • rangy The basketball player had a rangy build that allowed him to move easily on the court.
  • rank My company gave me a promotion, so now I have a higher rank than my colleagues.
  • ranked The university is ranked among the top 50 in the world.
  • ranker As a ranker, he was responsible for evaluating the skills and expertise of potential candidates.
  • rankle The criticism from her colleagues continued to rankle her long after the meeting had ended.
  • ranks The new employee quickly climbed the ranks and was promoted to a managerial position within the first year.
  • rink
  • roanoke Roanoke Island is known as the "Lost Colony" due to the mysterious disappearance of its settlers.

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