How to spell RARLY correctly?

We think the word rarly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell rarly correctly

  • ally I consider my best friend to be my closest ally.
  • barely
  • barley I enjoy using barley in soups and stews.
  • Carl Carl is a passionate musician who loves to play the guitar.
  • Carly I Carly-proofed my apartment before leaving for my trip.
  • Crawly I get creepy-crawly feeling whenever I'm in the basement.
  • Daryl Daryl Dixon is one of the best characters on the show.
  • dearly
  • earl The earl inherited the vast estate from his father.
  • early
  • fairly The teacher graded fairly on the essay assignments.
  • Farley
  • gnarly The waves were so gnarly, I almost wiped out on my surfboard.
  • Harley
  • Karl Karl is a brilliant professor at the university.
  • Larry He's always Larry at the coffee shop.
  • marl The soil in this region is made up of a mixture of sand, clay, and marl.
  • marley I have a marley named Teddy.
  • nearly She nearly died in the accident.
  • orally I would like to eat the pizza with orally.
  • orly Most people wouldn't call orly a favorite word, but I love to say it.
  • parlay The gambler laid down some of his winnings on a parlay of two bets.
  • parley The two parties agreed to meet and parley in order to reach a peaceful resolution.
  • pearly The pearly moon shone brightly in the sky.
  • racily She dressed racily and turned heads as she entered the party.
  • racy I don't feel comfortable wearing that racy dress to the office party.
  • rail The train ran smoothly on the rail.
  • rails
  • rally The crowd began to rally behind the candidate during his speech.
  • Raoul Raoul is a very popular name in France.
  • rare The diamond was extremely rare and valuable.
  • rarely I rarely cooked anything for myself.
  • rashly
  • Raul Raul is a great detective.
  • ray The ray of sunlight shone through the window and illuminated the room.
  • real I think the real problem is that you are not taking the reality of the situation into account.
  • really
  • reel The reel on the projector spun.
  • Reilly I went over to Reilly's place after work to watch the game with him.
  • REL I RELY on my RELatives for support.
  • relay The relay race is the final event of the track season.
  • rely
  • reply Let me know what you think about my proposal in reply to your comment.
  • rial She withdrew some cash from her wallet and handed it over to him, receiving a fraction of what she had hoped for in return
  • riel Iriel is a spirit that is traditionally depicted as a woman with a lion's body and a woman's head.
  • rile His constant teasing was starting to rile me up.
  • riley Riley enjoys spending her free time painting and hiking.
  • rill The tiny rill trickled down the hillside, glistening in the sunlight.
  • roil The storm began to roil the ocean, making it dangerous for small boats to navigate.
  • role
  • roll I need to roll up these trousers so that they fit more closely to my leg.
  • Rory After Rory saw his mother crying, he felt terrible.
  • rule The rule is that you are not allowed to eat the fruit on the tree.
  • warily He eyed the suspiciously large animal warily.
  • wryly She wryly remarked that the dress made her look like a frumpy old lady.
  • yearly It's my yearly pilgrimage to the apple festival.

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