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How to spell RASIE correctly?

If you meant "raise" but accidentally typed "rasie", don't worry! Here are some possible correct suggestions for your spelling mistake. Make sure to double-check words before hitting send: 1) raise, 2) arise, 3) rase, 4) rash, 5) rare.

List of suggestions on how to spell rasie correctly

  • erase I accidentally pressed the erase button and lost all the files in the folder.
  • race The runners prepared for the start of the race.
  • racier I am more racier than most girls.
  • Rae My favorite aunt is Rae.
  • raise John wants to raise his salary.
  • ramie Iris can be found growing in clusters in swampy areas, such as the Ramie plant.
  • raspier I raspier carrots than she does.
  • raze The city council decided to raze the abandoned building.
  • rise In the morning, the sun begins to rise and light up the sky.
  • rose
  • Rosie Rosie is a nickname for women with the given name Rose or Rosalind.
  • Rosier She wore a rosier than usual.
  • RSI The RSI indicator is showing strong signs of oversold territory.
  • ruse He used a clever ruse to get out of trouble.
  • wrasse The wrasse is a brightly colored fish found in tropical and subtropical waters.

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