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How to spell RATEED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "rateed" instead of "rated", don't worry, it happens! Here are a few correct suggestions to fix the misspelling. You can try "rated", "rater" or "rates". Double-checking your spelling can help ensure your intended message comes across accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell rateed correctly

  • bated He waited with bated breath as the final scores were tallied up.
  • Batted He batted a home run in the last inning of the game.
  • catted
  • Crated The antique vase was well crated for shipping to its new owner.
  • dated The furniture in my grandparents' house is very dated.
  • dratted I can't find my keys again, that dratted key chain must have fallen somewhere.
  • fated
  • Gated She lived in a gated community with 24-hour security.
  • Grated Karen grated some cheese while they waited for the pizza to come out of the oven.
  • hated I hated going to the dentist when I was a child.
  • hatted I had to hatted to leave the party early.
  • mated I mated with my dog last night.
  • matted The cat's fur was matted and unkempt from being outside all night.
  • orated I orated for hours on end in front of a packed auditorium.
  • Patted The child was patted on the back by the social worker.
  • Prated I prated on about my new project for hours without noticing nobody was really listening.
  • Raced The athletes raced to the finish line, each hoping to claim the gold medal.
  • Racked He was racked with guilt after betraying his best friend.
  • Rafted We rafted down the river with our guide leading the way.
  • Raged The fire raged through the building, consuming everything in its path.
  • ragged She was a ragged woman, made more ragged by the stench of her rotting corpse.
  • Raided Police raided the city late last night after receiving reports of a crime spree.
  • Railed The angry passenger railed against the poor service provided by the airline.
  • Rained
  • raised Her voice had been raised in anger.
  • Raked She raked the leaves into the bin.
  • Rammed The car was rammed into the back of the truck.
  • Ranted She ranted for ten minutes about how terrible the service was at the restaurant.
  • raped
  • Rapped He rapped his knuckles on the door to announce his presence.
  • rate I rate your cooking a five out of five stars.
  • Rated
  • Rater I would give this book a rater of 5 out of 5 stars.
  • rates I don't like living in a place with high rates.
  • Ratted I ratted out my sister for sneaking out of the house last night.
  • ratter She jumped out from under the bed, Ratter in her hand.
  • rattled The loud thunder rattled the windows.
  • Raved She raved about the food during our dinner.
  • razed
  • razzed The group was so razzed that they banned all other bars from hosting their party.
  • reed Reed can be found in both salt and fresh water.
  • reseed I need to reseed my garden before the next growing season.
  • retied After retied his tie, he went to the bar.
  • rotted
  • rutted The road was so rutted that it was difficult to walk on without stumbling.
  • sated She was Sated with her glass of red wine.
  • sauteed I sauteed someshallots in some butter until they were crisp.
  • steed The knight mounted his loyal steed and rode off into battle.
  • tatted I love my new tatted tank!
  • Teed A new movie starring Teed is coming out next month.
  • Vatted The Vatted wine was delicious.

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