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How to spell RATH correctly?

If you meant to type "rath" but spelled it incorrectly, there are a few potential correct suggestions based on context. It could be "wrath", meaning intense anger. Alternatively, it could be "bath", referring to the act of washing oneself. Lastly, it may be "path", indicating a route or course.

List of suggestions on how to spell rath correctly

  • bath
  • Hath " Hath thou no mercy?" the prisoner pleaded with tears in his eyes.
  • lath I used a lath to support the ceiling while I was nailing it in place.
  • math
  • oath I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  • path I followed the path through the woods to reach the other side of the mountain.
  • RAH Rah! Rah! Rah! Our team won the game!
  • rash She developed a rash after using a new lotion on her skin.
  • rat The cat chased after the rat that scurried across the floor.
  • rate The success rate of the business depends on the efficiency of its operations.
  • Rats Rats are a common pest in urban areas.
  • roth Unfortunately, my employer doesn't offer a Roth IRA as part of their retirement plan.
  • ruth Despite her troubled past, Ruth remained optimistic about her future.
  • wrath The god's wrath was unleashed upon the mortals.

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