What is the correct spelling for RAVI?

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Correct spelling for RAVI

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Possible correct spellings for ravi

  • av Begobs, b'ys, it's proud av him we should be this day.
  • brave They were brave enough.
  • bravo "You deem it an occasion to compliment me, that, in defending the cause of a worthless debauchee, I did not seize with avidity the happy moment to assail an honorable gentleman; and not alone you, but a dozen others, congratulated me on this reserve,-this constraint,-as though the lawyer were but a bravo, and, his stiletto once paid for, he must produce the body of his victim.
  • cave After forty-five minutes Alec said, "Thought you said the cave was fifteen minutes' ride?"
  • crave Mr. Dulan, I hope, will excuse me, as we have but just arrived, and many matters crave my attention.
  • davy He was overtaken by a gale that threatened to land all hands in Davy Jones' locker-was badly crippled and captured by the Perseus of twenty guns.
  • devi One of the tutelary deities of the Banjaras is Banjari Devi, whose shrine is usually located in the forest.
  • grave The pause was but momentary: for, apparently making an effort over herself, she received Helen Perowne with a grave, almost majestic courtesy, taking a bouquet from an attendant and handing it to her with a slight inclination of the head; while Helen Perowne made her the deportment curtsey that she had been taught at the Miss Twettenhams', throwing into it the dignity of a queen.
  • gravy "And please give us a whole lot of gravy, beaucoup de jus," demanded Molly.
  • have We Sarmatians have none like yours, you patient, plough-guiding men, which you occupy beside the immovable hearthstone, rooted to the earth.
  • java Pure Java is easier to get, and South American, Mexican, Cuban, and Porto Rican coffees are beginning to deserve consideration.
  • lav Patsa mandy, te bitcha lav ki tu shan.
  • lava Beginning the ascent of the Cascades, you pass through and over some twenty miles of rough lava country, interspersed with strips of scattering timber-land, and then come to Fish Lake and Clear Lake, the paradise of the fisherman, the hunter, and the berry-gatherer and botanist.
  • lave "I lave it with you," said Davy, charging his pipe afresh as a signal of his neutrality.
  • levi It was not because Levi executed vengeance on the idolaters that he was chosen, for the choice was already made, and made in the person of Aaron, who was so far from blameless in that offence.
  • nave At Medbourne in Leicestershire, a long aisleless transeptal chapel was built out from the north side of the nave in the thirteenth century.
  • navy The Navy, which had restricted Negroes to menial positions, gradually began to accept them in almost all noncommissioned positions.
  • pave He was to pave the way for an openly accredited envoy to the queen, was to conciliate the ministers, disarm the Puritans, and to do what he could for the Catholics, who were still smarting severely under the penal laws.
  • ra 56. Nefer-uben- Ra I. 57. ...
  • rabbi Go, with my blessing," and the rabbi raised his hands above the young man's head and uttered a benediction.
  • race It is, however, hardly fair to speak in these general terms of the gipsy race at present.
  • rack Instead of that Dr. Miles threw his umbrella into the rack, jerked off his hat with a somewhat peevish gesture, and pushed Johnson back into the room.
  • racy She was a daughter of the racy highlands.
  • rad I came upon them in the stables talking in low tones, Rad apparently explaining, and Mose listening with the air of strained attention which the slightest mental effort always called to his face.
  • radio Two men, who had been working at a bench, trying to assemble a mass of equipment into a radio, whirled, snatching weapons.
  • raf "What about all the wonders they've promised to show us?" countered Raf.
  • raft And thus it was; the raft upon which he was to go was in eight parts, the last part being composed of enormous roof-beams.
  • rag I was shown a rag-carpet on the fence, which they obtained for washing for one of the neighbors.
  • rage The tortured creature burst into a dreadful cry of rage and pain.
  • raid "I don't feel brave when there's a raid, Uncle Joe," said Millie Hearty loyally.
  • rail Antony, leaning on the rail of the upper deck, was content, blissfully content.
  • rain A few drops of rain began to fall.
  • rake In position 4 the tool possesses an amount of top rake about suitable for ordinary wrought-iron work.
  • ram Right at the Butterfly the ram rushed.
  • rama At one point a chain of smaller islands and rocks said to have been built by Rama as a passage for his army of monkeys leads to the mainland.
  • ramie The true ramie or China grass, is also called Chinese plant or white ramie.
  • rap While he was rummaging there another rap came to the door, and Lily peered out.
  • rare Round Oaksey, too, is a rare galloping ground.
  • rash Often he deeply felt his human weakness, but he was quite capable of believing in the sacredness of his imperial person, and this he always found most easy when he had trodden under foot some one who had been rash enough to insult him, or not to acknowledge his superiority.
  • rat The young cuckoo strove towards the big sky again, and he screamed so viciously that a rat that had just come out of the ditch fastened his eyes on him.
  • rate "At any rate, he had them on him when he was in Christiania the other day.
  • ratio Between these two extremes, we see a tolerably constant ratio between these two kinds of contrast.
  • rave Scarce one of them dared even look from the door when the thunder was rolling over their heads, the lightnings flashing about the roofs and turrets of the House, the wind raving in fits between as if it would rave its last, and the rain falling in sheets-not so much from fear of the elements, as for horror of the far more terrible things that might be spied careering in the storm.
  • ravel Diaghilev commissioned ballet music from composers such as Nikolai Tcherepnin (Narcisse et Echo, 1911), Claude Debussy (Jeux, 1913), Maurice Ravel (Daphnis et Chloé, 1912), Erik Satie (Parade, 1917), Manuel de Falla (El Sombrero de Tres Picos, 1917), Richard Strauss (Josephslegende, 1914), Sergei Prokofiev (Ala and Lolli, 1915, rejected by Diaghilev and turned into the Scythian Suite; Chout, 1915 revised 1920; Le pas dacier, 1926; and The Prodigal Son, 1929); Ottorino Respighi (La Boutique fantasque, 1919); Francis Poulenc (Les biches, 1923) and others.
  • raven The Raven courteously invited the whites to stop for a night at the village; but the invitation was declined, as all were very anxious to return home.
  • raver Breeze & Styles - Electric (Bonkers Remix) - 4:37 Eclipse - Before Tomorrow (Breeze & Styles Remix) - 4:44 Breeze & UFO - Take Your Time - 4:58 David Pamies - Cesar Benito - Torn (Breeze & Styles Remix) - 4:49 Futureworld - Chemical Love (Hardcore Mix) - 4:32 Sonic State & MC Storm - Im A Raver - 5:15
  • ravine From the churchyard, I look down the ravine, on fine days, towards the sea.
  • raving The king uttered a piercing shriek of rage, was seized by a fresh shivering-fit, and sank back once more in raving delirium.
  • ravish He could see how she would do, how the sight would ravish him, lover as he was; for the rest, he must trust to his early calculations.
  • raw Our nerves got simply raw-at least mine did."
  • ray No, Ray; I shall never give that up.
  • raze You may raze it to the foundations and erect another in its place, but if you pull out a stone here and there the whole edifice comes tumbling about your ears before you can make your alterations.
  • razz
  • rbi
  • rev
  • ri
  • rive
  • rove
  • rv
  • save
  • wave
  • xvi
  • Ava When this offering was concluded, which lasted a quarter of an hour, the natives sat down fronting us, and began to cut up the baked hog, to peel the vegetables, and break the cocoa-nuts, whilst others employed themselves in brewing the ava, which is done by chewing it, in the same manner as at the Friendly Islands.
  • Ave In Manila it is cultivated extensively as an ornamental tree, especially along the Sabana Walk, General Solano Ave.
  • Gave Often young De Plonville's idiotic impetuosity gave color to these suspicions.
  • Radii Its radii were strengthened with plates of brass, and the apparatus for opening and shutting them was made with great accuracy.
  • Ran As soon as you went out he up vehy quickly and ran away."
  • Raved But she can't because she's raved against that kind of thing for years.
  • Raul Black Fox may refer to: Black Fox (Cherokee chief), a chief of the Cherokee from 1801 to 1811 Black Fox (miniseries), a 1995 mini-series, with Tony Todd and Christopher Reeve Blackfox, a Japanese anime Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, a 1962 documentary film Black Fox ( Raul Chalmers), a supervillain character in Marvel Comics Black Fox (Robert Paine), a superhero character in Marvel Comics Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant, a nuclear power plant proposed by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma in 1973 The Black Fox, a character in The Court Jester, played by Edward Ashley
  • Rae None of the Eskimos questioned by Rae had seen the explorers either living or dead.
  • Dave But the other only laughed, and tipped a wink to Dave Purvis, who grinned in return.
  • Reva
  • Nevi Microscopically, congenital melanocytic nevi appear similar to acquired nevi with two notable exceptions.
  • RSV
  • RSI
  • RIV
  • RAH "Beka Co ax Co ax Co ax! Breka Co ax Co ax Co ax! O---up! O---up! Parabolou! Yale! Yale! Yale! ' Rah! 'rah! 'rah! Yale!"
  • FAVE Tu modo nascenti puero, quo ferrea primum Desinet, ac toto surget gens aurea mundo, Casta, fave, Lucina.
  • RVS
  • REVS
  • RAYS It glittered and sparkled in the rays of the sun.
  • EAVE Gutters, eave-shoots, tanks, overflowed.
  • RAGA Adana (dance), a folk dance in Republic of Macedonia Adana (raga), a rāga in classical music Adana kebabı, a long, charcoal grilled, minced meat Adana Printing Machines, makers of small printing presses, England
  • RAVES I tell you, if dishes aren't prepared perfectly she raves!"
  • REHI

4 words made from the letters ravi

3 letter words made from ravi:

var, ira, air, iva.

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