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How to spell REAAD correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "reaad" include "read", "red", "reed", and "raid". However, context is important in determining the correct spelling. If it's supposed to be a past tense verb, "read" would be the appropriate spelling. If it's a color, "red" is right. If it's a type of plant, "reed" is correct.

List of suggestions on how to spell reaad correctly

  • bread
  • dread
  • rad
  • raid
  • rand I won a small rand amount in the lottery.
  • read
  • reads She reads for at least an hour every evening before bed.
  • ready I am ready to begin my work now.
  • Reamed He reamed the dirt from around the hole.
  • Reaped
  • rear I backed into the limo in the rear.
  • Reared The farmer reared the cows and sheep on his fields.
  • RECD
  • red I love wearing red dresses, they make me feel bold and powerful.
  • reed The sound of the reed instrument echoed through the concert hall.
  • regard I hold him in high regard for his intelligence and work ethic.
  • reid She had a Reid horse.
  • Relaid The game was relaid because of the bad light.
  • reload I need to reload my phone because the battery has died.
  • Remade
  • rend The rend in the fabric seemed almost thumbnail-sized.
  • Repaid After the payment was repaid, the company was able to save money.
  • reread She reread the email again.
  • reward
  • road I took the scenic road and enjoyed the beautiful countryside.
  • tread I need to tread more carefully in the wet grass.

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