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How to spell REAADING correctly?

For those struggling with the misspelling "reaading", here are some helpful suggestions. First, try "reading", which is the correct spelling of the word. Alternatively, you can use "viewing" or "perusing" as synonyms to convey the same meaning. Remember to proofread your writing or utilize spell-check tools to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell reaading correctly

  • beading She spent hours carefully working on the beading of her intricate wedding dress.
  • Bearding The Bearding of the President's portrait was a tradition honored by many powerful men.
  • breading The crispy breading on the chicken strips made them irresistible.
  • Dreading She was dreading the meeting with her boss, knowing it would be about her performance.
  • heading The heading reads "Welcome to our website.
  • leading The dog was following the leading of his master.
  • raiding After raiding the candy store, the robber made his escape on a bike.
  • reaching She stretched her arm out as far as she could, but still, the book on the top shelf was just out of reaching.
  • reacting I am reacting to the news of my promotion with excitement and gratitude.
  • reading She enjoys reading books before going to bed.
  • readings I need to read the readings for my class.
  • readying The soldiers were readying themselves for the fight to come.
  • Reaming He was reaming the inside of the pipe with a specialized tool to create a smooth, even surface.
  • Reaping The farmers were busy reaping the harvest from the fields.
  • rearing The rooster was rearing his head in protest.
  • rebating The company implemented a new program for rebating customers who purchased a certain amount of their products.
  • receding The sound of the music was slowly receding into the background.
  • regarding I have a few questions regarding the new project.
  • Relating I enjoyed relating stories from my childhood.
  • reloading I am reloading my gun in order to be prepared for any potential danger.
  • rending The sound of rending metal filled the air as the car collided with the wall.
  • rereading
  • Residing Sarah is currently residing in Australia for her job.
  • retaking I am retaking my history course this semester to improve my grade.
  • Retarding I find the concept of Retarding too difficult to understand.
  • rewarding Volunteering at the animal shelter is such a rewarding experience, as you get to see the joy and gratitude the animals have for even the smallest acts of kindness.
  • Treading I was treading carefully through the forest so as not to disturb any wild animals.

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