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How to spell READOING correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "readoing", worry not as there are several corrected alternatives. "Reading" is the accurate word for engaging with written material, while "redoing" refers to doing something again. Proofreading, double-checking or rechecking are also helpful suggestions to ensure your work is free from any errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell readoing correctly

  • breading I coated the chicken with a thick layer of breading before frying it in oil.
  • Dreading I am dreading going to the dentist tomorrow for my root canal.
  • radioing The pilot was radioing the airport to request for a runway clearance.
  • re doing
  • reading I was reading a book when I saw her.
  • readings There were conflicting readings on the thermometer which made it difficult to determine the correct temperature.
  • readying I am readying the dinner table.
  • redoing He was redoing his resume to make it more impressive.
  • rending The sound of the rending metal echoed through the quiet night.
  • Treading I heard the sound of footsteps treading softly on the wet pavement outside the window.

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