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How to spell READU correctly?

If you've misspelled "readu", here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "ready" refers to being prepared or available. Secondly, "reader" refers to someone who reads. Lastly, "red" represents a color of the visible light spectrum. Please double-check for the intended word to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell readu correctly

  • bread I love to have toast with butter and jam for breakfast, but I ran out of bread this morning.
  • dread I have a feeling of dread about the meeting tomorrow.
  • rad He had a rad shirt on.
  • RADS The Geiger counter displayed high levels of rads in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant.
  • read
  • reader The reader was engrossed in the novel, unaware of the passage of time.
  • readout I checked the readout on the machine to see the temperature.
  • reads He reads a lot of books.
  • ready
  • rear
  • RECD
  • red The sunset was red in the sky.
  • redo I need to redo my homework because I made several mistakes.
  • REDS I need to dye my hair reds.
  • reed I can't believe I caught a reed!
  • reedy The river was reedy with the early morning dew.
  • reid
  • Remade I remade the shirt using a different fabric.
  • rend
  • road The road is narrow and winding.
  • tread I need to walk on the tread to keep from slipping.

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