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How to spell REAER correctly?

If you're trying to correct the misspelling "reaer", here are a few suggestions. The correct word might be "reader", which refers to someone who reads. Alternatively, it could be "racer", meaning a person engaged in racing activities. Context helps determine the intended word, so consider the sentence and its meaning to make a more accurate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell reaer correctly

  • bearer The bearer of this message is tasked with delivering it to the king.
  • dearer The memories of my childhood are becoming dearer to me with each passing day.
  • drear The drear weather outside made me want to stay inside.
  • e'er
  • ear I can't hear you, because I have an infection in my ear.
  • Freer The Freer Park is a beautiful place to relax.
  • Greer I always think of Greer when I think of wonderful southern women.
  • hearer
  • nearer I tried to get nearer to the stage to see the band better.
  • racer The professional racer set a new record for the fastest lap time.
  • Rae Rae is my close friend whom I trust with my life.
  • raper
  • rarer "Our planet is full of rare and endangered species, but as time goes by, they are becoming rarer and harder to find.
  • Rater The rater gave the product a 5-star rating.
  • raver She's a raver and it's amazing.
  • rawer I prefer to eat my vegetables rawer.
  • read After dinner, Bill read a book in the living room.
  • reader The reader lost themselves in the pages of the captivating novel.
  • real The real world is hard.
  • realer We were discussing the realer aspects of life.
  • ream She needed a ream of paper to complete the project.
  • reamer
  • reap If you plant a good seed, you will reap a good harvest.
  • reaper The reaper with his scythe was a common figure in medieval art.
  • rear The car had a dent on its rear.
  • rearm The country decided to rearm itself after the threat of war became more imminent.
  • rears
  • redder After spending the whole day under the sun, her skin became redder than usual.
  • reed The sound of the oboe is created by blowing air through a reed.
  • reef Many divers love exploring the coral reef to see the variety of marine life living among the colorful formations.
  • reefer The truck driver was arrested for possession of a reefer.
  • reek
  • reel The reel was spinning and I couldn't take my eyes off it.
  • refer I will refer you to our customer service representative for further assistance.
  • rehear The cast will need to rehear the musical number before the final show.
  • Rene Rene is very excited to start his new job next week.
  • repair I need to repair this cellphone.
  • roamer The roamer always seems to find her way back home.
  • roar After scoring the winning goal, the fans let out a loud roar of excitement.
  • roarer The roarer in the cage was getting restless.
  • wearer Fashion designer Carolina Herrera has a loyal following of cult followers who swear by her signature Herrera Wearer gowns.

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