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How to spell REALED correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "realed", consider the correct alternatives: "reeled", "realized", and "real". "Reeled" refers to a sudden reaction or response. "Realized" indicates becoming aware of something. "Real" simply means genuine or authentic. Choosing the appropriate word brings clarity to your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell realed correctly

  • healed After receiving proper medical treatment, the wound on his leg finally healed.
  • Pealed The church bells pealed loudly in celebration of the town's centennial.
  • Railed
  • read I am going to read this book tonight.
  • real This is the real reason why he couldn't come.
  • realer
  • realest She is the realest person I know, always speaking her mind and staying true to herself.
  • realized
  • realty I am interested in investing in commercial realty.
  • Reamed The doctor reamed out the abscess to remove all the infected material.
  • Reaped The crops were reaped by the workers.
  • Reared After a life spent in the center of the action, he was reared in seclusion.
  • recalled I was recently recalled from my trip to Japan.
  • reed The musician played the melody on a reed instrument.
  • Reeled After taking a reel of fishing line, I reeled in my catch.
  • Regaled
  • related
  • relayed I relayed the news to my parents.
  • Relied I relied on my friend's advice when making an important decision.
  • Repealed
  • Replied I replied to his question by nodding my head.
  • resealed The document had been resealed and I could not read the writing.
  • resoled He resoled his hiking boots before going on the long trek.
  • Retailed The company retailed their products online and in stores.
  • revalued The home was revalued recently and the price has increased.
  • revealed The investigation revealed that the suspect was not at the scene of the crime during the time of the incident.
  • Reveled I was reveled to learn that my friend had been secretly following my blog.
  • reviled She was reviled for her beliefs.
  • riled I was riled when she called me a idiot.
  • Rivaled
  • roiled The storm roiled the waters, making it impossible for small boats to navigate safely.
  • rolled As the car approached the stop sign, the driver rolled down the window to get some fresh air.
  • ruled
  • sealed She had a sealed letter from her grandfather.
  • trialed The company trialed the new product before releasing it to the public.

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