Correct spelling for REAMINED

We think the word reamined is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for reamined

  • Reminder
  • A quiver passed over morynski's face at this reminder.

  • Reasoned
  • "so i have reasoned.

  • Raiment
  • It serves for food and raiment.

  • Reined
  • The reply seemed to strike her dumb for a moment, and she reined back her horse several paces.

  • Reminded
  • Only a few yellow leaves reminded one of october.

  • Remainder
  • They had found a spot, not likely to be reached by the water they believed, where we could camp for the remainder of the night.

  • Renamed
  • Halifax was founded by the honourable edward cornwallis on the slope of a hill, whose woods then dipped their branches into the very waters of the noble harbour long known as chebuctou, and renamed in honour of a distinguished member of the montague family, who had in those days full control of the administration of colonial affairs.

  • Remained
  • There remained only jeanne.

  • Reamed
  • Being drilled and reamed parallel the plugs that fit them may be passed through them to any desirable distance, whereas the square plugs being taper must be set down home in their holes, necessitating the use of plugs of varying length, so that when in their places they may stand at varying heights from the table, and thus suit different heights of work.

  • Remanded
  • I can readily understand how these errors have arisen-the writers concerned have confounded the place of the execution of the manchester martyrs, salford jail, with the prison, belle vue, to which the prisoners were being taken on being remanded.

  • Refined
  • "you see," she said in a quiet, refined voice, with a marked english accent, "i have an english education but i have chinese blood.

  • Retained
  • I was yet young, when, after passing through many vicissitudes of fortune, i arrived, poor and unknown, on the shores of india; but i yet retained more than wealth can purchase, the great ingredient, the first principle of success, an unbroken spirit, full of hope and confidence.

  • Rejoined
  • "nor no reason why he shouldn't be-if you like," he rejoined insinuatingly.

  • Remind
  • Bathsheba and nathan hastened to the dying king to remind him of his oath in favour of solomon.

  • Repined
  • Thus time passed, and they became neither richer nor poorer, as is the common lot of men who labor for their bread; but neither gadallah nor his father repined.

  • Rained
  • It rained this morning-the first rain i have seen in this dusty land-making the roads quite muddy and the air damp and cold.

  • Relined
  • Ladies' jackets and coats are relined in the same way, also all kinds of men's coats and overcoats included.

  • Remain
  • You expect to remain some time at grimwinter?

  • Reaming
  • But this plan has the great disadvantage that the pieces generally require to have other cutting operations performed on them after the reaming, and to hold them for these operations it is necessary to insert in them tightly-fitting plugs, or arbors, as they are termed.

  • Regained
  • When i had in some degree regained my tranquillity, i wrote; but the person to whose charge i intrusted my packet, nearly two years after returned it, with the account that you were either dead, or had left the island; and as during that time, nor since, i never heard from you, i was induced to believe the former part of his intelligence.

  • Remand
  • It was a remand center for boys, delinquent boys who had gotten into trouble with the court and were remanded to youth house for a brief period of diagnostic study.

347 words made from the letters reamined

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4 letter words made from reamined:

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