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How to spell REANAL correctly?

The misspelling "reanal" can be corrected to "renal", which refers to the kidneys or "renewal", which means the act of restoring or reviving something. Another possible suggestion could be "reanalysis", which is a process of reexamining or reconsidering data.

List of suggestions on how to spell reanal correctly

  • banal The movie was filled with banal dialogue and lacked any originality.
  • canal The city's historic canal is a popular spot for boat rides and sightseeing.
  • penal The judge decided to impose penal sanctions against the defendant.
  • Randal
  • real
  • redial I had to redial several times before finally getting through to customer service.
  • regal Queen Elizabeth was regal in her appearance.
  • Rena Rena is studying abroad in Paris for the semester.
  • renal My doctor advised me to avoid renal stress.
  • rental
  • repeal
  • reseal After opening the bag of chips, I made sure to reseal it tightly with a clip to keep them fresh.
  • retinal The doctor stated that my retinal scan showed no signs of disease.
  • reveal The detective was eager to reveal the true identity of the killer.
  • Reyna My great-great-great grandmother was Reyna.
  • venal The politician was accused of being venal, as he accepted bribes in exchange for political favours.
  • vernal

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