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How to spell REBETER correctly?

If you've made the common misspelling "rebeter", don't worry - it happens to everyone! The correct spelling, however, is "rebutter". A rebutter is someone who presents a counter-argument or refutes a statement. So, next time you want to challenge an opinion, remember to use the correct term and rebutter effectively!

List of suggestions on how to spell rebeter correctly

  • debater She is a skilled debater who always presents well-reasoned arguments and counterarguments.
  • Demeter Demeter was fiercely protective of her daughter, Persephone.
  • greeter The greeter at the entrance of the store greeted every customer with a warm smile.
  • rebate I received a rebate of $50 for purchasing the latest model of the smartphone.
  • rebated The store rebated a portion of the purchase price as a loyalty reward.
  • rebates I applied for several rebates after purchasing a new car to receive cash back on my purchase.
  • recenter I need to recenter my thoughts and find my focus before starting this important project.
  • reciter The talented reciter captivated the audience with her moving poetry performance.
  • reefer He was caught with a reefer in his possession and now faces drug charges.
  • reenter After taking a year off to travel, she decided to reenter the workforce with a fresh perspective and new skills.
  • refuter The refuter presented a compelling argument that dismantled the opponent's claims.
  • reheater The power plant uses a reheater to increase the temperature of the steam before it enters the turbine again.
  • reinter I need to reinter the data from the previous study into my new research project.
  • relater The relater of the story added vivid details and emotion, allowing the listeners to immerse themselves in the narrative.
  • remoter The remoter regions of the country are home to many rare and endangered species.
  • RENATER The RENATER network in France provides high-speed internet connection for research and education institutions.
  • reneger He gained a reputation as a reneger after consistently failing to fulfill his promises.
  • renewer The yoga class attracted a diverse group of participants, including beginners and experienced renewers.
  • renter The renter will be moving into the apartment next week.
  • repeater He installed a wireless repeater in his home to boost the wifi signal.
  • reveler The reveler danced energetically at the lively music festival.
  • riveter The skilled riveter worked diligently to secure the metal plates together.
  • teeter The toddler tried to teeter on one foot but quickly lost her balance and fell down.
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