Correct spelling for REBUTTLED

We think the word rebuttled is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rebuttled

  • rattled And he took hold of the handle of his cart, and walked home as fast as he could, dragging his cart, and his shovel and his hoe rattled in the bottom of it.
  • rebuild He comes to destroy that he may rebuild.
  • rebuilt "Of course, the church will have to be rebuilt," Sir Wilton had been saying; "but not by him.
  • rebuttal The defence having rested the night before, the first action of the Judge on the opening of the court was to demand whether the prosecution had any rebuttal testimony to offer.
  • redoubled However, the result of the game encouraged Ferry Hill, and the fellows went to work again on Monday afternoon with redoubled vigor.
  • resettled When they ceased and the quiet had resettled, the Mormon woman rose and put away her sewing.
  • Battled For even as he battled with self in the boat when conger-fishing, he is fighting the good fight again, has set his teeth, and has made a sort of vow that no one shall say he has not as much pluck as his brother Dick.
  • Beetled There are who have, at midnight hour, In slumber scaled a dizzy tower, And, on the verge that beetled o'er The ocean tide's incessant roar, 695 Dreamed calmly out their dangerous dream, Till wakened by the morning beam; When, dazzled by the eastern glow, Such startler cast his glance below, And saw unmeasured depth around, 700 And heard unintermitted sound, And thought the battled fence so frail, It waved like cobweb in the gale; Amid his senses' giddy wheel, Did he not desperate impulse feel, 705 Headlong to plunge himself below, And meet the worst his fears foreshow? Thus, Ellen, dizzy and astound, As sudden ruin yawned around, By crossing terrors wildly tossed, 710 Still for the Douglas fearing most, Could scarce the desperate thought withstand, To buy his safety with her hand.
  • Bottled Because princesses who haven't been bottled up in them, but have lived in the lap of luxury-and in the laps of luxurious mothers-understand the value of money, and consider men famed for their millions worth a dozen who've wrapped themselves up in a few rags of some lesser kind of fame.
  • Rebelled Meantime, 'Lena, having learned for what she was wanted, went without a word to the kitchen, though her proud nature rebelled, and it was with difficulty she could force down the bitter spirit which she felt rising within her.
  • Rebutted His sister had always bantered her on what had seemed too absurd to be rebutted, and, at any rate, this fainting fit would clench his belief.
  • Retailed He even remembered, without effort, the particular bit of scandal retailed to him over a cigar by the club wit who had joined him.
  • Retold One I cannot forbear giving, told in these Chronicles and retold with charming gusto by the writer above mentioned.
  • Rustled Below, under my feet, the tree-tops rustled in the wind.
  • rebuttals On this subject employers have generally remained silent, offering few rebuttals to these charges of cruelty, extortion, and robbery.
  • rebated racking, i. 179 ray, iii. 180 ream, ii. 88 rebated, i. 177 reflex, i. 50 regiment, i. 13 renied, Christians, i. 48 renowned, i. 24 resolve, i. 13 respect, ii. 142 retorqued, i. 94 Rhamnus, i. 35 Rhodes, i. 212 ringled, iii. 29 rising in the North, iii. 224 rivelled, ii. 334; iii. 124 Rivo-Castiliano, ii. 92 road, ii. 160 rod, i. 122 rombelow, with a, ii. 161 ruinate, ii. 244 run division, ii. 88 running banquet, ii. 86 rushes, rooms strewed with, iii. 27
  • rebooted The American Revolution Rebooted: Hamilton and Genre in Contemporary Culture.
  • retooled Idolator blogger Sam Lansky commented that, for the fans, "Something New" is "a welcome relief to have an injection of fresh energy into the stagnant girl group scene," and concluded that, "given that this may be the group's final single before disbanding for good, theyre certainly going out on a high note, with a track that feels quintessentially Aloud but retooled for 2012.
  • restyled Released in 2008, this camcorder was nothing more than the consumer model HDC-SD1 rebadged and restyled for the professional market.
  • counter-pole Impossible it was that it should; for until a counter-pole existed, until an antagonist interest had arisen, the relations of Popery, whether political or religious, must have been indeterminate: as a kingdom surrounded by deserts and trackless forests, cannot have its frontier line ascertained.

227 words made from the letters rebuttled

3 letter words made from rebuttled:

bud, bet, rue, url, rub, let, dub, ler, eel, ltd, red, bel, urd, ute, but, dle, tub, blt, due, ted, dre, bee, tee, ult, ter, deb, led, reb, ret, tet, ert, lee, rut, eld, tdt, leu, bed, bur.

4 letter words made from rebuttled:

duel, burl, elbe, beer, turd, debe, brut, brue, rete, trel, leud, beur, bedu, drub, burt, rule, blue, brul, deul, tted, leer, eble, lube, dlee, eter, belu, tute, rude, reeb, rtlt, leur, lure, rute, eure, duet, tlte, bure, dube, delu, beru, lebe, treu, lert, reed, bude, tebe, butt, bleu, tuel, beet, ulee, reul, rubl, deeb, beel, ture, edur, urde, reel, eule, lude, belt, tree, bele, luer, lute, ebur, deer, blut, debt, ebre, deru, trud, teeb, blur, leeb, rube, drut, ered, ertl, rutt, uele, deut, dule, ebed, tetu, ebru, tube, tuer, true, reub, etre, beed, breu, dutt, uleb, ebel, bede.

5 letter words made from rebuttled:

debre, durel, rubel, leder, elude, elute, brutt, beder, bleed, eletr, trubl, budel, duret, elder, erdut, etter, ruble, treue, betel, rebut, lebed, bleue, deber, blute, etude, bredt, leute, beled, ruled, debut, burde, bettr, rettl, utter, blude, duree, belur, euler, detre, tubed, beltu, belue, teter, trued, ertle, deter, trebl, leuer, blurt, leber, bluer, rebel, truel, ebute, tebet, ueber, tutee, rutte, belet, luder, urdee, beted, rudel, dubee, tuber, lutte, beret, buder, berel, brute, beter, treut, udert, bruel, ertel, debet, bedeu, edler, lubed, breed, turbe, treed, trble, edule, buret, treet, bluet, duett, beuel, brule, ruete.

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