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How to spell REC correctly?

The common misspelling "rec" could be corrected by suggesting "wreck" or "reck". "Wreck" refers to something damaged or destroyed, while "reck" means to care about or take notice of something. Other appropriate suggestions could be "rect" or "reckon".

List of suggestions on how to spell rec correctly

  • dec
  • ec
  • eec
  • re I need to re-do my homework because I accidentally deleted it.
  • REC I need to make a REC of my favorite song to share with my friends.
  • RECD
  • red The cardinal's feathers were a brilliant shade of red.
  • ref I need a ref to sign my contract.
  • Reg Reg should have been more careful with his decision making.
  • REL
  • rem
  • rep I need to check with my rep to see if they have any updates on the shipment.
  • res The doctor ordered a CT scan to evaluate the patient's abdominal area, including the liver, pancreas, and res.
  • rev I need to rev my engine to warm it up before driving.
  • Rex Rex is a large and muscular dog.
  • RFC I have to submit an RFC (Request for Comments) to my employer for the new project proposal.
  • sec I will wait a sec for you to finish your thought.

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