Correct spelling for RECEIVEDA

We think the word receiveda is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for receiveda

  • perceived That it was nothing of the kind she at once perceived.
  • receive Little did she dream how soon she would receive an answer to this question.
  • received "Something has been received at the colonel's.
  • receiver Besides, it is said that at this day our Lord Treasurer cannot tell what the profit of Chimney money is, what it comes to per annum, nor looks whether that or any other part of the revenue be duly gathered as it ought; the very money that should pay the City the L200,000 they lent the King, being all gathered and in the hands of the Receiver and hath been long and yet not brought up to pay the City, whereas we are coming to borrow 4 or L500,000 more of the City, which will never be lent as is to be feared.
  • relieved Still I felt that I did not like him, or perhaps I should rather say his attentions-though in fact he had paid me none-and was rather relieved when he made his bow and retired.
  • reserved It is a job I have reserved to the last, for I like to have them about while I am here.
  • revived Nay, more, he revived their topics.
  • Deceived You cannot expect me to believe that I have been deceived all my life."
  • Receded The crowd in front of the door receded before her, and allowed her to pass, filled with reverence for the women who returned from the solemn sacrifice they had made.
  • Recited The name of Cook will be held in honour, and recited with applause, so long as the records of human events shall continue in the earth."
  • receives And they exchange with one another, and one gives, and another receives, under the idea that the exchange will be for their good.
  • receivers As Republican Senators Bell, Birdsall, Black, Boynton, Cutten, Roseberry, Rush, Stetson, Strobridge and Thompson, who were invariably on the right side of things, look upon the records of the "Democrats" and "Republicans" included among the nine favored receivers of plums, they can scarcely be blamed for demanding with the discouraged little boy - What's the use of being good, anyhow?
  • relived

267 words made from the letters receiveda

3 letter words made from receiveda:

dec, die, aid, rad, cer, cva, eve, cad, are, ear, ida, ira, era, arc, iva, vac, ire, var, rev, vie, eec, air, car, vcr, aec, cia, red, ade, rid, dre, dia, ice, ace.

4 letter words made from receiveda:

5 letter words made from receiveda:

davee, cavie, adire, vraie, acide, dacre, vedic, cider, verdi, carvi, viera, cerae, acrid, vaire, aerdi, ardee, creed, deeve, icade, idrac, reave, raide, devar, adric, recai, deere, derai, deair, veria, derve, erica, decir, rived, carve, virac, ravid, reive, vidar, acree, crave, caire, cidra, acier, vreed, cadre, varie, eared, cedar, dever, reeve, creve, devic, avere, eaved, dravi, erice, deice, riede, arcee, drice, varde, reede, caere, redec, erdei, drive, rieve, vired, dirca, dirce, evere, radev, cerva, deira, cedre, avdic, vecdi, arced, eider, cervi, arede, drace, divac, dicer, cidre, caver, aiver, vicar, eerie, adree, ivrea, dirac, aerie, arvee, riced, eader, erede, vrede, aired, crede, viard, ceder, dacer, deiva, vedra, diver, veere, evade.

6 letter words made from receiveda:

dearie, cardie, revied, decree, cervia, advice, cedria, creede, recede, videre, cavier, deceiv, cierva, acider, carved, recadi, deicer, deaver, evadee, dreave, cervid, varied, radice, deever, caried, reeved, reived, avider, vereda, receiv, devere, reavie, veeder, devera, viread, daerie, craved, vedaic, decare, verdea, vierde, aeried, device, cevaer, derive, aeride, eadric, evader, readee.

7 letter words made from receiveda:

deceive, verdeca, receive, recieve, recived, deavere.

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