Correct spelling for RECEOVED

We think the word receoved is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for receoved

  • perceived She tried to show nothing of the change in her manner: but Hoffman perceived it, and bore it with a proud patience which often touched her heart, but never altered her purpose.
  • preserved It was her pride that had preserved Mme.
  • recede The brief encouragement afforded by Ojeda's report soon died away, and the actual discomforts of life in Isabella were more important than visionary luxuries that seemed to recede into the distance with the vanishing ships.
  • receive Did you receive any letters from the prisoner after your return to Sibley?
  • received Read what I have just received.
  • receiver When I had hung up the receiver, I sat down to think.
  • recessed Between these towers are three semicircular recessed portals, below an entablature resting on two single and two double columns.
  • relieved It must have relieved the father's feelings, each thump sent the lad under water.
  • removed In Mrs. Sherrard's own comfortable old-fashioned room, where the ladies' wraps were removed, a number of girls about Jacqueline's age were laughing, chattering, getting their wraps off and their slippers on.
  • reseed
  • reserve
  • reserved
  • resolved
  • reversed
  • Deceived I have several times lately heard her sigh; and once so emphatically that I think it impossible I should be deceived.
  • Receded At twelve miles the hills to our north receded, and there lay stretched out before us a most beautiful plain, level as a billiard table and green as an emerald.
  • Reefed On the 17th of June in the forenoon the wind was E. by S. and E.S.E. with a moderate and fresh top-gallant gale, stiffening to a reefed topsail gale.
  • Roved
  • receives This happiness, and the full enjoyment of what he receives, both here and hereafter, have been made to depend on his allegiance and his faithfulness, not to his parents, nor even to the public, but to the great Lord of both.
  • revved

87 words made from the letters receoved

4 letter words made from receoved:

deor, cove, doer, ered, evoe, vode, oder, code, derv, cord, deer, veer, ever, rece, erce, over, cero, rove, reed, ecer, core, dove, evro, cree, cede, cred, dero, cere, redo.

5 letter words made from receoved:

derve, cerdo, dever, veere, veeco, ceedo, credo, revco, voree, vrede, crode, vorce, creve, drove, roede, cored, cover, cedre, evere, deeve, decor, erode, vreed, dorce, deere, creed, reede, erede, redec, devor, dovre, coder, dover, crede, verco, reeve, ceder, cervo, devoe.

3 letter words made from receoved:

ceo, cer, doc, rod, ode, cro, rev, edo, red, eec, eve, roc, oed, vcr, roe, dre, doe, ore, dec.

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