Correct spelling for RECIEVINF

We think the word recievinf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for recievinf

  • receding I've felt that Bohr's influence was receding, and I've been trying to see what more I could find."
  • receive To receive no more of your letters!
  • received Now I think of it, you could not have received it.
  • receiver When I said it was impossible, I could hear him groan as he hung up the receiver.
  • recent A year later, however, her son began to busy himself with matters that would certainly give some clue to her more recent envoys.
  • reliving Old Donald MacRae was living over again in him, he had a feeling, reliving those last few cheerless, hopeless years which, MacRae told himself savagely, Horace Gower had deliberately made more cheerless and hopeless.
  • revising But at this moment antiquarians are revising and studying it preparatory to publishing the "Senchus Mor" in which the Irish law is contained.
  • revivify America presented again the problem of consent in the special perspective of the imperial relation; and the decision which grew out of the blundering obscurantism of the King enabled Burke nobly to restate and amply to revivify the principles of 1688.
  • reviving In the mythic tales the resurrection of the hero and his glorification invariably formed the conclusion of his death-story; and in the Mysteries, the body of the candidate was always thrown into a death-like trance, during which he, as a liberated soul, travelled through the invisible world, returning and reviving the body after three days.
  • Deceiving Peter was not going to lie about what he had meant, and Leonore liked him all the better for not using the deceiving loophole she had opened.
  • Perceiving There was no time to answer; for Dormer Colville, perceiving their approach, was already hurrying down the steps of the veranda to meet them.
  • Receiving After receiving one-half, what per cent does the government return to them?
  • Reciting When she was thirteen, and was already singing and reciting for church entertainments, she read in some illustrated magazine a long article about the late Czar of Russia, then just come to the throne or about to come to it.
  • Reefing Then he saw the Resolve begin to come about, reefing and furling her sails.
  • Reeving As if to aid the monster in his inhuman design, several pine-trees grew out horizontally from the edge of the cliff; and over the branches of these the Jarochos commenced reeving their long lazos.
  • Relieving The morning, instead of relieving the fears that in the darkness had been with me, seemed to increase them.
  • Reserving Candid explanations were immediately given and assurances that, reserving our claims in that quarter as a subject of discussion and arrangement with Spain, no act was meditated in the mean time inconsistent with the peace and friendship existing between the two nations, and that conformably to these intentions would be the execution of the law.
  • Riving
  • receives This is as it should be; but great awkwardness results in the United States if one lady speaks to another and receives no answer.
  • revving
  • sieving

182 words made from the letters recievinf

4 letter words made from recievinf:

fern, fien, even, iive, ecer, eier, erne, fine, revi, erei, feni, frie, frei, erni, cene, vier, reef, rive, nice, erie, cive, frce, rein, eire, veni, rice, enif, erce, vine, reni, eien, fire, vien, free, nece, veen, eini, veer, vice, cefr, cefn, fini, cere, rife, feen, ifri, inec, cree, ever, reen, nive, enic, rece, five, vein.

6 letter words made from recievinf:

venire, ericin, vinier, rience, fienie, recine, ceneri, evince, fencer, cervin, fenice, fernie, revcen, reicin, venier, neicer, infere, venice, receiv, crveni, evenif, feerin, recien, iverni, freien, vierne, refine, irenic, inferi, feiner, fierce, fervin , fenric, nervii, veiner, feirie, recife.

3 letter words made from recievinf:

fri, cer, vie, nec, ifc, fen, ref, rev, ene, vii, ice, fee, ern, ire, vcr, eve, nrc, nee, fin, eec, ecf, fir.

5 letter words made from recievinf:

finci, einie, ferin, iceni, fiver, firie, frein, nervi, veren, fener, fence, fieri, vener, creen, reive, freni, neive, nefer, crine, niece, vence, civie, verne, ierne, erice, neier, verin, enfer, viren, fever, never, cervi, rivne, finer, viene, fiive, ceren, niere, vieni, frene, rieve, nerve, freie, nieve, vieri, fiine, enver, creve, fiene, ricin, cieri, icier, rence, niver, venir, fevre, cerne, infer, verni, reife, evren.

7 letter words made from recievinf:

cervini, inceive, cervine, veinier, venefic, inverie, vincere.

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