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How to spell RECOED correctly?

If you come across the misspelled word "recoed", here are some possible correct suggestions. It could be a typo of "record", meaning to make a note or document. Alternatively, it might be a misspelling of "recoded", referring to the act of changing or modifying data in a particular format.

List of suggestions on how to spell recoed correctly

  • COED
  • Raced The horse raced past the screaming spectators.
  • Racked After being racked with pain, she closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
  • Reached They reached their destination in time.
  • reacted After I reacted to the news, I felt terrible.
  • recce The army conducted a recce mission to gather intel on the enemy's position.
  • RECD
  • recede
  • Reckoned After hours of deliberations, the jury determined that the defendant was reckoned guilty of the charges against him.
  • Recoiled
  • RECON I'm going to recon the area for danger.
  • recooked I prefer my food recooked, thank you.
  • recopied He had to recopied the entire report after he accidentally spilled coffee all over the original copy.
  • record I need to set a new personal record in my upcoming race.
  • recorded The lecture was recorded so students could watch it later.
  • Records The records show that the temperature in the room has been around 90 degrees for the last two days.
  • recouped Despite the financial loss suffered due to the pandemic, the company recouped its losses by implementing innovative strategies.
  • recover It took her several months to recover from the accident.
  • reed I love to listen to the sound of the reed being blown in the cornet.
  • Reeked The smell of rotting corpses reeked through the air.
  • rescued The firefighter rescued the child from the burning building.
  • Retched After eating the spoiled food, I retched and felt my stomach turn.
  • Revoked His license was revoked for driving under the influence.
  • ricked I was really ricked off when I found out about the theft.
  • Rocked The floor shook as the music rocked the entire club.
  • Rucked My backpack is really rucked.
  • wrecked The boat was wrecked when it hit a rock.

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