Correct spelling for RECOIVED

We think the word recoived is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for recoived

  • received No, he had no right to do it; it would not be fair to her, or her father or mother, after the kind way in which they had all received him.
  • recorded Of the inhabitants of Cuba, as found by the Spaniards, comparatively little is recorded.
  • recover She was beginning to recover from her amazement.
  • removed I will have her removed.
  • revived His pain revived her own.
  • Recoiled Then he made a gesture as if to strike her, and at once recoiled in shame.
  • Rejoiced You lost your mother long ago, and have never known what it was to have a mother's love; but, for years past, your every movement has been watched by me; I have suffered when you have been in pain; I have rejoiced when I knew that you were happy.
  • Rejoined Ten minutes later, he had rejoined his company and was crossing the open space where his father had been stabbed.
  • recouped In five years he had recouped the losses from the indigo and acquired more land, but he was still at the edge of starvation, in a cabin of split logs almost a decade after coming out to the Caribbees.
  • relived
  • recopied I have not recopied your letter, such a measure would destroy its authenticity, but have given it to Lord Byron, who has engaged to send it with his own comments to the Hoppners.
  • recooked ~GLAZED SWEET POTATOES~-Sweet potatoes, like squash and peas, lose a little of their sweetness in cooking, and when recooked it is well to add a little sugar.

204 words made from the letters recoived

4 letter words made from recoived:

rido, ered, cred, devi, cove, eier, rove, revi, dice, ever, iove, derv, deer, void, reed, over, dier, rico, rece, vico, core, coir, vice, rivo, eire, cord, viro, cede, evoe, voci, cree, vode, evro, cero, erei, dive, deci, rdio, ride, redo, code, rive, veer, dior, doer, ecer, veio, oder, reid, vier, dove, erie, cere, vedi, rice, iced, ideo, cive, dero, ried, cedi, ovid, erce, dire, deor.

5 letter words made from recoived:

devor, crede, decir, riede, cervo, decor, dovre, ceder, creve, cervi, cidre, deori, vicor, roede, corvi, dvori, cerdo, dirce, vreed, rieve, verco, ecoid, vedic, doire, devoe, vidro, vrede, cover, virco, eroei, vecdi, dorce, drive, erice, dicer, ceedo, coire, cedre, deice, verio, cerio, iveco, erode, drove, dover, drice, video, voree, eider, deiro, reive, vired, dever, voice, coder, iover, rived, erdei, vireo, cider, odier, revco, derve, creed, credo, devic, cored, redec, recio, vorce, doric, riced, verdi, veeco, diver, crode.

3 letter words made from recoived:

eec, ido, doc, die, roc, red, dre, vie, ire, doe, dec, edo, rio, cio, rod, ice, ore, cro, rev, eve, iod, ode, rid, vcr, cer, roe, oed, ceo.

6 letter words made from recoived:

devore, deicer, oreide, redeco, reveco, voider, vedior, corvid, ecover, covere, devoir, voidee, reived, vierde, recode, videre, corvee, voicer, voiced, receiv, deceiv, overed, revied, device, cervid, derive, dovier, coreid, vodice.

7 letter words made from recoived:

covered, recived, devoice, divorce, eircode, codrive.

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