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How to spell REDENING correctly?

If you meant to write "redening" but it turned out to be a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling for the term you may be searching for is "reddening", which refers to the process of turning red or becoming redder.

List of suggestions on how to spell redening correctly

  • deadening The long, monotonous speech had a deadening effect on the audience.
  • ravening The ravening wolves tore apart the carcass of the deer.
  • Reddening The reddening of her cheeks signaled her embarrassment.
  • redeeming Her kind and loving nature is her most redeeming quality.
  • redefine The company hopes to redefine the way people think about sustainable fashion.
  • redefining The company is redefining its marketing strategy to appeal to a younger audience.
  • redoing I am redoing the kitchen because the cabinets and countertops are old and outdated.
  • reducing Regular physical activity is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety.
  • refining The oil company has invested heavily in refining technology to process crude oil into different types of fuels.
  • reigning The reigning monarch of the UK is Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Reining The rider showed off impressive reining skills during the competition.
  • relining
  • reopening Many businesses are excited about reopening after being closed due to the pandemic.
  • repining She spent much of her life repining for the love she never had.
  • rezoning The city council discussed the rezoning of the neighborhood to allow for commercial development.
  • ripening The grapes were left on the vine until their ripening was complete.
  • widening

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