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How to spell REFFUSING correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "reffusing" instead of "refusing", don't fret! Correcting this simple error is easy. The appropriate spelling is "refusing", denoting the act of declining or rejecting. Emphasize consistency in your spelling to avoid such minor oversights.

List of suggestions on how to spell reffusing correctly

  • defusing The negotiator was successful in defusing the tense situation between the two warring parties.
  • Effusing The effusing aroma of the freshly baked cookies filled the room.
  • re fusing
  • refocusing After the company's merger, they spent a lot of time refocusing their business strategy.
  • Refusing He was refusing to eat his vegetables, even though his mother had cooked them with his favorite seasoning.
  • Refuting The scientist spent hours refuting the opposing theory with her own research.
  • reusing

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