Correct spelling for REFINISED

We think the word refinised is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for refinised

  • Refinanced
  • Refunded
  • The money could be refunded, and the costs paid-somehow that can all be managed.

  • Refined
  • He spoke with a refined accent of the west.

  • Refines
  • Rinsed
  • It was now washed and rinsed.

  • Refinished
  • Revised
  • The senate was forced to accept the situation with as good grace as possible, and a compromise was arranged in a revised treaty in february, 1907, in which mr. roosevelt's action on material points received official sanction from that authority.

  • Refurnished
  • Refused
  • This he refused to do.

  • Reminisced

289 words made from the letters refinised

5 letter words made from refinised:

fired, fidei, denes, diner, enide, sfere, nisei, ferin, fires, iines, fined, resin, eines, eisin, defen, reife, freni, drees, dense, riise, fresi, fener, frein, frede, fedir, drini, feers, frend, sined, frese, seder, erden, dines, reden, fends, diene, fendi, edner, serif, indie, reifs, sidin, firns, enfer, inese, seidr, disir, siree, edens, efird, freid, fiine, neder, freie, niese, derns, rinse, nedre, rensi, rfees, ernes, sefid, nerfs, seier, fenis, dirne, sndri, freis, dreis, ersin, deine, seend, reise, einie, irids, redes, seini, sneer, rines, fieri, fense, feser, renes, nidre, friis, serei, feres, siren, deens, fiser, sedin, dreen, isner, seine, indri, inder, riede, serin, edern, seeif, siner, desir, fines, reids, neifs, rends, eider, rides, srini, sfeer, risen, ridin, frnds, firie, deres, rende, ideen, frees, niere, fries, frene, sfeir, ierne, frens, feens, nefer, feeds, dries, rinds, frise, risin, indes, endre, resid, dinis, erdei, niefs, refed, ified, resen, drese, isere, defer, seren, eisen, seife, seein, erned, finer, reens, snide, sdein, finds, fiend, dinei, reefs, rense, sirin, diese, fiene, needs, sefer, deise, dinse, erins, siede, freed, fiind, indre, finis, idees, reeds, infer, riese, redis, indir, neier, fried, reins.

4 letter words made from refinised:

3 letter words made from refinised:

sen, nee, die, fin, rid, fri, des, fdr, den, irs, din, fes, ref, ies, fee, fed, esr, ern, fen, red, sif, fir, res, sir, see, sin, ire, dis, ene, dre, end, ese.