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How to spell REFULING correctly?

The correct spelling of "refuling" is "refueling". Some possible suggestions for correcting this misspelling include using spell-check software, consulting a dictionary or double-checking the spelling before submitting any written work. Other helpful tips include practicing proper spelling techniques and reviewing common spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell refuling correctly

  • Raffling The company is raffling off a new car at the charity event.
  • Reeling I was reeling after discovering that I had failed the exam.
  • refilling She made sure to keep refilling the water bottles during the hike to ensure they stayed hydrated.
  • refueling The plane has landed for refueling before continuing its journey.
  • Refusing He was refusing to accept the fact that he had lost the game.
  • Refuting The article's main focus was refuting the commonly held belief that vaccines cause autism.
  • Reveling The students were reveling in their victory after winning the regional championship.
  • Reviling The politician was caught reviling his opponent during a private conversation which was later leaked to the media.
  • riffling The sound of the wind riffling the leaves of the trees created a soothing ambiance.
  • rifling The thief was caught with the weapon in his hand and the rifling on the bullet matched the one found on the victim's body.
  • Ruffling
  • ruling

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