Correct spelling for REGEMANT

We think the word regemant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for regemant

  • reagent Once the amino acids have been separated, their respective quantities are determined by adding a reagent that will form a coloured derivative.
  • recant If Providence shall think fit to refuse success to our arms, with how ill a grace, with what shame and confusion, shall we be obliged to recant that precipitate address, unless the world will be so charitable to consider, that parliaments among us, differ as much as princes, and that by the fatal conjunction of many unhappy circumstances, it is very possible for our island to be represented sometimes by those who have the least pretensions to it. So little truth or justice there is in what some pretend to advance, that the actions of former senates, ought always to be treated with respect by the latter; that those assemblies are all equally venerable, and no one to be preferred before another: by which argument, the Parliament that began the rebellion against King Charles the First, voted his trial, and appointed his murderers, ought to be remembered with respect.
  • recreant And yet the sick man was whole for the time being; the virile spirit was once more master of the recreant members; and it was with illogical relief that I found those I sought standing almost unconcernedly beside the binnacle.
  • regent
  • regimen
  • regiment
  • regnant
  • remand
  • segment
  • Regalement
  • regiments

289 words made from the letters regemant

5 letter words made from regemant:

amgen, geman, great, terem, etage, namer, anter, gamet, netam, mange, amene, genre, merta, arete, gemen, egret, ament, angre, atene, enema, enter, geter, merge, ergma, terne, netra, entre, teare, ranee, geant, metre, gamer, mtera, grant, temen, tegea, negar, agren, greet, neger, genma, erent, eaten, green, gener, ertan, nerma, rente, regna, genea, marge, meger, tegra, egner, menga, tagen, range, eager, agree, meran, neame, grate, graet, reate, mager, anger, gante, armet, gater, tamen, meren, naret, ntare, aegre, ratee, negre, negra, enger, treme, emane, retag, nager, meter, tager, ragee, metge, ragen, tange, ngarm, gente, remen, retem, ergen, magne, grean, terme, meare, tenga, eagre, ramet, agent, gerne, mater, garet, enate, trema, armee, ganem, mante, agere, tagme, neamt, germe, getme, manet, metan, genet, graem, treem, reema, neram, ramee, eater, naree, renge, tener, meane, meret, temer, earnt, merga, remet, terna, taeng, arent, ameet, enarm, agene, etang, gerea, reang, eamer, ameer, etgar, renta, maeng, agner, menta, temne, tenge, renga, teera, geert, getae, egert, maner, emert, tamer.

3 letter words made from regemant:

gar, mag, eeg, rag, gem, are, ret, nee, age, ram, man, get, ate, tar, mat, gat, rna, tan, gee, gmt, eta, ert, tea, nag, ter, mar, emg, teg, ant, ten, ene, eat, erg, art, arm, era, ane, rat, trm, men, gen, nmr, net, ear, atm, ent, tam, ern, tag, meg, tee, rem.

4 letter words made from regemant:

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