Correct spelling for REGEMENTED

We think the word regemented is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for regemented

  • augmented But they only augmented the frenzy of the beast.
  • fragmented In some unusual cases human neocentromeres have been observed to form spontaneously on fragmented chromosomes.
  • recommended In short, Jessop took a great fancy to him- patronised him, promised him protection, and actually recommended him to a lodging in the cottage of all old widow who lives in the outskirts of the town, and had once been a nurse in the Jessop family.
  • regiment It was that of the gallant Colonel of a New Zealand Regiment at Gallipoli.
  • regimental She met Phil Turner again at length at a regimental dance.
  • regimented
  • segmented
  • Pigmented Thus we know that what we call a single factor may cause the whole plumage of a fowl to have the detached barbs, which constitutes the Silky character, but we also know that an animal may be piebald, strongly pigmented in one part and white or unpigmented in another.
  • Recanted The bard who libelled Helen in his song, Recanted after, and redressed the wrong.
  • Remanded
  • remounted
  • regiments
  • reminded

176 words made from the letters regemented

4 letter words made from regemented:

emde, dreg, egen, tern, nget, rege, ered, deem, nemr, reen, gene, reeg, germ, negm, etre, meet, edge, mend, rete, teem, tree, meed, neem, degr, mene, ende, teen, rent, rend, eter, nerd, reed, ngee, deer, erne, nrem, gedr, dent, meen, degn, mere, metn, need, drem, tend, gede, term, gent, eden, mtge.

5 letter words made from regemented:

etree, derge, temer, renge, geter, genre, genet, reede, emden, getme, demre, tener, erned, remet, neeme, terme, rende, merde, edger, terne, egede, demet, green, detre, neger, trend, greet, dente, treem, gerde, gente, entre, emeer, nemed, treed, temne, meger, merge, erden, germe, geert, meden, gemen, rente, erede, enger, edner, egret, egert, eeden, erent, reege, emend, terem, egner, tende, mende, metge, gener, endre, retem, reden, metre, degmt, meren, mened, deter, negre, edern, demer, meret, grede, emert, neder, temen, meeed, dereg, treme, gerne, remen, dreen, gerdt, deere, greed, enter, deene, meter, erdem, ergen, deger, nedre, teene, gendt, meend, tenge.

3 letter words made from regemented:

gem, eeg, net, get, ent, mrd, med, dre, ter, gmt, ert, emg, gee, men, gen, trm, ted, meg, nee, ern, red, ten, ret, erg, tee, ene, end, nmr, rem, teg, den.

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