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How to spell REGID correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "regid" instead of the correct word, "rigid", fear not! Auto-correct might have overlooked this uncommon misspelling. To rectify it, simply replace "regid" with "rigid" and ensure your message portrays the intended meaning of firmness or stiffness.

List of suggestions on how to spell regid correctly

  • brigid Brigid is a Celtic goddess associated with healing, inspiration, and smithcraft.
  • Egad Egad, I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!
  • frigid I don't like swimming in frigid water.
  • Raged The storm raged all night, causing power outages and flooding.
  • raid The police conducted a raid on the suspected illegal drug operation.
  • read
  • RECD
  • red The red balloon floated up into the sky.
  • redid I redid my room to make it feel more cozy and welcoming.
  • reed
  • Reg I believe in Reg.
  • regain After practicing for weeks, I was finally able to regain my lost flexibility.
  • regard I have high regard for my grandmother, she has always been a very important person in my life.
  • Reggie My brother is Reggie.
  • regime The regime in North Korea is a backwards society.
  • regina The queen is in Regina.
  • region I want to travel to the region of Italy.
  • reid
  • reit
  • Relaid "She relaid the tiles in the bathroom to create a new pattern.
  • Relied She relied on her partner for support.
  • rend John is really angry, he looks like he's about to rend the room apart.
  • Repaid I repaid my loan in full to the bank.
  • reside
  • retie
  • retied He retied his shoelaces before leaving the house.
  • rid Now that I know what to do, the rid will be much easier.
  • rigid The set of rules is very rigid.

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