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How to spell REINE correctly?

When "reine" is misspelled, there are several possible correct suggestions to consider. One option could be "reign", referring to the rule or dominion of a royal individual. Another alternative could be "rain", denoting the precipitation of water drops from the atmosphere. Lastly, "rene" could be appropriate, serving as a shortened form of the male name "Rene."

List of suggestions on how to spell reine correctly

  • Heine
  • rain Yesterday, we had a heavy rain which flooded the streets.
  • rainy It's a rainy day today, so we decided to stay indoors and watch movies.
  • refine I need to refine my writing skills in order to make my essays more concise and clear.
  • reign The reign of the queen lasted for over 50 years.
  • Reigned King Henry VIII reigned over England for 38 years.
  • rein The rider struggled to rein in her galloping horse.
  • Reined I reined in my horse to slow down and avoid the obstacle in front of us.
  • reins After years of working under someone else, she finally took the reins and started her own business.
  • reline The dentist will have to reline my dentures to make them fit more comfortably.
  • Rena Shortly after he disappeared, the police arrested Rena.
  • Rene Renowned for his tireless work ethic, Rene is a respected member of the team.
  • Renee I met a girl named Renee at the coffee shop earlier today.
  • renew
  • reno
  • repine I do not repine over my misfortunes, I learn from them and move on.
  • Reyna
  • rhine
  • rhino
  • rhone
  • ring She slipped the golden ring on her finger and smiled, knowing it represented their eternal love.
  • ruin Ruin is everything they hoped it would be and nothing they expected.
  • Ruing Ruing the accident, she spent the day in bed.
  • rune The rune on his forehead was starting to hurt.
  • seine

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